About Me

Hello blogger world! My name is Sarah and I am a 20-something year old from Maryland. As you can see I have created this blog as a networking, social, and accountability tool and I use it to post fitness tips, recipes, and workouts on a (semi) regular basis! Though I could type forever about my life story, which has DEFINITELY been a wild rollercoaster, I will simply state some interesting facts about myself that people may not know:

I grew up a dancer. I have taken classes in almost every type of dance there is and loved every minute of it. My favorite dance to perform would have to be contemporary/lyrical. It definitely helped me stay in shape growing up as I was on four different teams in high school. I got to travel to many amazing places with the extraordinary opportunity to perform: Disney World/Orlando, Toronto, Myrtle Beach, Capital One Bowl Halftime Show, and Hawaii.

I will be joining the United States military. The time cannot come soon enough, however, certain events prevent me from going in right away (which I would love to do). I have even offered to step forward and go overseas if they need me. Being a female, I do not get the same opportunities in the military as a man (blasphemy!) but I plan on making the best of it and getting out of it what I want. I am so honored to be almost entering such an elite and noble group of individuals that come together to practice courage, honor, loyalty, and freedom.

I am a die hard Baltimore Ravens fan. Correction: I am a die hard football fan. Most people are surprised by how much knowledge I have about the sport and my team (I guess this is how growing up a tom-boy helped me out!) The atmosphere, the fans, the team, the uniforms, the traditions...I love it all. I actually bartend at all home games on the club level and to my benefit, have met most of the team. I love being a part of such an awesome organization! Go Ravens!

Yes, my life has been a rollercoaster, much like this one! Many ups and many downs. Lots of twists and turns that have tried my patience and my strength. In time, I hope to share with all of you what I intend to and so that, hopefully, many of you will relate and share your stories.

I hope that you all enjoy reading my stories, whether important or not. Your input and thoughts are something I take to heart. Hopefully, I get to know some of you through the blogger world and I can motivate you to walk on YOUR own two feet...