Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Life in Pictures

So I know I have been awful with this page... I feel like I become hot and cold, however, believe me when I tell you that I have been extremely busy...all doing great and exciting things!

This past weekend was the very special wedding of my cousin (by marriage) Tiffany and my good friend from high school Andrew's wedding. I introduced them to each other at my high school graduation party back in 2005. Such a cute and romantic story! Anyway, they were married in North Carolina (I love that state!) on the water!

At the reception, they had the cute idea of having a photo booth with different prop hats and glasses you could wear! Let me tell you how dangerous this soon came to be. We decided to take some "before" pictures and "after" pictures. See for yourself...

 Oh boy...

Crazy but fun times...

The Baltimore Tone It Up workout crew is still going strong. We keep adding new ladies to our group which makes each week better than the last. My friend Brittany is a photographer on the side and wants to do a photo shoot and send her earnings to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. What a great idea! I am trying to get the workout crew to do a breast cancer awareness shoot. What do you think?? Either way, you can check out some of our video check-ins:





This was Juliet sleeping yesterday...for some reason she loves to snuggle up in between your legs and keep her face and nose warm. Whatever floats your boat, babe!

I have been in love with my medicine ball and kettlebell this week (Maybe its the new Tone It Up kettlebell workouts??) so I took this silly picture to show my love and to check in!

So that's my life for the past (almost) week in a nutshell. I will post something new up here soon--promise! (Accountability!)

Hope you all are enjoying your week and preparing to take on the weekend...on your own two feet...

Until the next step bloggers...

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