Sunday, May 22, 2011

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Wow! What a weekend- filled and jammed pack with lots of fun activities! I hope yours was as adventurous and "one for the books" as mine was!

Thursday and Friday night were spent in downtown Baltimore, bartending and hanging out. Always fun!

I haven't had my hair THIS curly in a while! Thank you genetics!

Friday it was determined that Megan won my first giveaway! I am so excited as I love reading her posts on twitter and her blog! Congrats Megan and I hope you enjoy your Maryland Health Basket!

Put all "contestants" in a pot and drew a name!

Yesterday was a little thing called Wine in the Woods in Columbia (which is about 10 minutes from me). It is just a wine festival and a chance for people to come taste different vendors and types of wine, eat, enjoy live music, and have good times with friends. A couple girlfriends of mine and I had a blast! The gorgeous weather helped too!

Today was what I have been waiting for for months! WARRIOR DASH!! I signed up in February or March and have been anxiously awaiting this day!

The Warrior Dash is a 5k obstacle course run (sometimes a little longer in some locations) including climbing walls, jumping over fire, dodging tires, and swimming through mud. It is a great time had by all complete with giant turkey legs, bbq, and beer. To see if the Warrior Dash comes to a town near you, visit their website!

Our matching shirts that I tye-dyed! Complete with matching softball socks!
They turned out great!

For my pre-Dash meal, I knew I would need energy and lots of it (I was up at 5:45am to be at the location and in line for my wave at 9am!). So I made some Quaker Oats oatmeal (with skim milk), squirted some honey on top and dropped some rasp/blackberries in there. I then had some Chobani vanilla yogurt with almond/honey granola and some banana slices on top. Yum!

After we finished our 5k, us girls were EXHAUSTED and DISGUSTING! The course also tore my knees up!! I am sure I will be finding scratches and bruises for a couple days-But it was all worth it! Next stop? Beach Palooza!!

Definition of the day!

Lauren and I right after our run- next year we are diving in the mud!

Ok so I know I said I was going to create "Spotlight Saturday" but it also goes if I do "Spotlight Sunday" this week right?? This week I am showcasing Carrie! She always has sweet things to say to me and we have a lot in common. She agreed to share her amazing story so enjoy! :

Hi bloggers and readers. My name is Carrie and I was asked to be a guest blogger. Thank you to Sarah for allowing me to do this.

(Doesn't she look amazing??)

I started blogging a couple months ago and started doing project 365. I was really good with it for the first couple of weeks, but then I guess life took over and I would forget to post. I then decided to go in a new direction and talk about my passion and journey with fitness and nutrition.

I've always struggled with my weight ever since I can remember. In high school I was overweight (the worst years to be overweight), and right after I graduated I decided to lose weight. Growing up, my family didn't always cook healthy meals. My dad only liked potatoes, meat, and bread. So that is what we would usually have for dinner all the time. Those bad habits carried over until I decided to learn how to eat right. My mom was on Weight Watchers toward the end of my high school years, so I just would watch what she ate and kind of ate the same things. I also started exercising. 

In three months, I went from a size 12 to a size 6. I felt so great about myself. I somehow maintained that weight for the next 4-5 years. But I still didn't really know what foods were good for you and what weren't. I thought if it said low fat or fat free well by all means! It was good for you. Little did I realize the other things they put into it to make it low fat or fat free.

The next five years I wanted to lose more weight so I would eat as little as possible. I love food but I have very good will power when it comes to it. I lost weight but I also did the yo-yo dieting. I would eat a lot one week and then practically starve myself the next. I didn't exercise. I just thought I can eat very little and I'll be able to lose the weight. I also had a couple of hard break-ups in between that time and when that happened, I just wouldn't eat at all.

I managed to get down to a size 0. My family was a little concerned and thought I was anorexic, but I would tell them I was eating. I wasn't anorexic.

Well, when I turned 30, my metabolism changed. It was so easy for me to lose the weight back then, but now it's something I have to work at.

I knew someone who ate organic and natural foods. He introduced me to to a lot of different types of food. I started experiementing with different types of vegetables, recipes, and foods. I started trying new things that that I hadn't had before. I also started exercising again.

I maintained my weight of a size 0 for about a year and a half. I had so much energy, my skin looked great, and I felt great. About a year ago, I made a major change in my life and moved from Texas to Colorado by myself. Well, my best friend was up here. I was looking for a job for months and I was getting depressed. Within two months, I was back to what I was in high school. I pulled myself together after I found a job, decided to lose the weight again, and transform my body.

Currently, I am not a size 0, but I have lost 20 pounds and feel great. I realize you have to eat right and exercise. You can't just do one or the other. They go hand in hand.

You can read my blog here!

*Thank you so much Carrie!*

What did you do this weekend? What is your "Breakfast of Champions?" Would you ever try the Warrior Dash??

I hope you all check back later this week for the next ingredient/nutrient showcase! I wish you determination, strength, and confidence to get through another week...on your own two feet...

Until the next step bloggers...

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