Thursday, June 16, 2011

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ~World Health Organization, 1948

Ahhh I am so behind! I feel so out of the loop it's not even funny! I need to get more motivated to update this more often! I have been so busy my head is still spinning...

Two weeks ago, I went to a Baltimore Orioles game (it has been forever since I have gone to one of these without working it!) with my friend Brittany who I haven't seen in forever! She brought along her one-year-old daughter, Jayden, who I fell in love with and chased all around the club level. I got her to say, "Sarah" so I was pretty excited about that!

Her legs were going wild--isn't she cute??

That same weekend, I had the honor to hear Dr. Ben Carson speak at a Nursing benefit dinner with my friend, Angie. We got very giddy over it and could barely control our excitement. Maybe it was because we are in the health field and he is such an inspiration or if it was the two open bars...

Me, Dr. Ben Carson, and Angie

This past weekend I went to North Carolina to see my baby cousin graduate from high school. I am so proud of her! She has been like my little sister since we are so close in age so I definitely was not going to miss seeing her graduate!

Me and my 6 (yes there are 6 in their family!) cousins

Me and my aunt

Joshua (the oldest--he's almost 20) and I

Me with Rachel...the official high school grad!

While I was down there, we took a day trip to Fayetteville, ate lunch on base at Ft. Bragg (Army, Special Ops base...Yummy!), then did girly things like go to an antique store, walk around the park and just as we were about to head back, my cousin tells me she has never been to a Hooters. Whattt?? Detour! I took her to her first experience at Hooters (fun I know...) where she introduced me to an apparent southern delicacy...fried pickles. I could only eat a couple but they weren't that bad!

Tonight I am heading to Washington, DC for a first DC bloggers get-together at the Nationals game and I couldn't be more excited! There are about 15 of us or so going and in honor of it, Amanda has graciously written a guest post for my apparent new "Twitter Friend Thursday!"

Five Things You Should be Doing Right Now

Hi everyone! I’m Amanda and my blog is Eats, Love, and Happiness. My blog falls under the “healthy living category” but will be focusing on a few big life changes in the next year or so. I recently quit my job to attend culinary school and complete change careers and I’m planning a wedding. Things are a little crazy right now, but I couldn’t be happier. A lot of people have asked me for advice on how to make a big decision like this and how everything is going to work. While I don’t think quitting your job and spending a ton of money on tuition is the perfect choice for everyone and there is a certain time for every big decision. I do however have a few pieces of advice that I think most people can start following right now!

1. Wake up an hour earlier. It’s really amazing what you can do in that hour and although it’s god-awful to hear the alarm go off, I think you’ll really appreciate that extra time for yourself. Right now I’m getting up to workout, but I also love enjoying a cup of coffee and just watching the morning news. It’s so peaceful and quiet and is a great time for reflection.

2. Buy a Groupon for something you never thought you would do. Groupon and Living Social are both providing amazing opportunities for us that we might have never tried. Even if it’s as simple as an afternoon of paint ball or trying a different restaurant, take advantage of these discounted blessings in disguise. You’ll never know if it’s fun without trying it!

3. Play with a dog. Or play with a baby. Some of us might be getting to that age where we think it might be the right time to start a family. Putting yourself in the position where you are responsible for another living thing (even if it’s just for a night or the parents/owners are right beside you) will give you a good gage as to if you are ready. Either you love it or you hate it, but approach it with the mentality that this is a responsibility not just temporary entertainment.

4. Get rid of your cable. I’m over it and you should be, too. That doesn’t mean I don’t like watching tv, because believe me I do. But I do promise you that most big life decisions require a big financial investment and cutting that monthly cost will do wonders to your savings. Netflix is the way to go.

5. Make a spreadsheet. I swear by spreadsheets. If you have ideas as to where you want your life to go, list each option and start listing pros and cons. You might be able to finish the list in a few minutes or it may take you a few months. Getting your ideas on paper (or a computer screen) is a huge first step. Brainstorming is key!

I hope that these tips help those of you who are searching for your dreams. And for those of you who are pursuing them, what tips do you have to offer?

I want to thank Sarah for inviting me to guest post on her blog and I hope that you’ll all check in with me at Eats, Love, and Happiness to see how the big changes are going!

Thanks Amanda! I love your idea about the Groupon--I have an app on my phone that sens me all the deals in my area daily! You bloggers can follow her on twitter here!

Well, after the past couple of weeks, this is what I have been looking like the past couple of days:

They love to snuggle while I am relaxing

However, I have got to get back into the grind! So this morning, I got to the gym around 7am to do some much needed cardio! After a little more than an hour and a half of running on the treadmill, rowing, stairmaster, and the eliptical I was ready to pass out! and afterwards came home to make myself one of these:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Shakeology!!  Love these things--so filling!!

I will have to let everyone know how the blogger get-together turned out!

Have you ever been to a blogger get-together in your area? Have you ever drank Shakeology??

I hope you...yes, YOU!... conquer the day...on your own two feet....

Until the next step bloggers...

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  1. It was nice meeting you at the game, maybe I will see you at the Y!