Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From Me to You...

Not having the internet at your house is not good for the "blogger scene." How am I supposed to post anything when my own work blocks websites such as blogger. Ugh! I apologize that it has taken me so long to put something up here but yay for a new one!

I have talked with many people as well as seen posts that this summer was very difficult, health/fitness wise. It was for me as well. Staying up late, seeing people you haven't seen in a while, weddings, vacations, family reunions, etc. fill up our days and make summer easily the fastest season to go by. I wanted to share with you all some of my own personal tips for either getting back on track or making sure you keep yourself accountable.

  • Make short-term goals. Achieving a goal helps you stay focused and positive throughout your journey. Who wants to sit there everyday and think to themselves, "How am I going to lose 150lbs in a year??" Reward yourself for the goals you do accomplish and you will be pushing yourself to new limits in no time!
  • Plan social activities that are active! Instead of telling your girlfriend, "Hey, let's meet up for dinner," you can suggest to go for a walk, hike, kayaking, rock climbing, whatever! You can get your physical activity and have fun at the same time!
  • Keep a journal. This can be a diary like journal, a workout journal, a food journal...Writing down experiences, your workouts, and/or your meals helps keep you accountable for your actions. Plus, its a great way to see how far you have come since the beginning of your journey!
  • Enjoy nature's candy. Though I am not a candy person myself, you should know that healthy foods can taste sweet and help fight your cravings! Fruits like apples, berries, cantaloupe, and other fruits can help satisfy that sweet tooth!
  • Be flexible. Fitness and health is not an "all or nothing" mentality. If you miss a workout or cheat a little bit with your food, adapt. Run an extra mile the next day or go to an extra group fitness class that week.
  • If you need help, ask! Admitting you have failed or realizing you are slipping is not a sign of weakness! Surround yourself with positive people and energy and lean on them for support when you need it! Sometimes, I need positive words to give me a little push or to jump start the little voice in my head again (like yesterday).

Do you have any other tips to help people stay on track??

Sorry for the short post but I at least wanted to get something down and I must go take a nap before working tonight!

Keep the positive vibes going, everyone! Keep your goals in mind and your eye on the prize. I have faith in each of you that you can achieve anything and everything you want...on your own two feet...

Until the next step bloggers...

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