Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How is Your January So Far??

Hello everyone! How is your January so far?? Are you sticking with those goals and resolutions?? How are you staying motivated?

I hope you all are getting in your Jogging for January challenges in! Walking or jogging for 30 minutes daily can help you build up to a run or a new personal record (PR).

I wanted new inspiration to come onto my blog so I asked Kasey over at PowerCakes to write a little something. There can never be too much inspiration!

Here is her story:

Hi all! My name is Kasey & I’m a Senior Health & Physical Education Major! I blog over at http://powercakes.blogspot.com ! I’m also a FitFluential Ambassador! I love being able to give people ideas to live a healthy lifestyle!! I’m so glad that I was asked by Sarah to do a guest post! Here’s a little background about my story!

So where does "PowerCake" come from, you ask?  Well, ever since I can remember my family has had huge Sunday morning breakfasts. Whenever I was younger; I was NOT a fan of healthy food.

Sidenote: My mom is a personal trainer & would always have healthy options; but I always threw temper-tantrums in the cereal isle because all I wanted was sugary cereals! Anyways, On Sunday's my dad would always make pancakes before my soccer games. (I've played soccer since I was 6!) My mom would always ask, "did you sneak in protein powder to make them powercakes?" See, being the "healthy eater" that I was not as a child, my mom always wanted to make sure that I had some form of protein so that I had energy to play in my soccer game! So for years now I've called our pancakes, "powercakes"!

Which really means, a very healthy pancake

that gives you "power" to get through your day!

Cooking and baking has always been a part of my life!

Growing up, I had many stomach issues 

and we got frustrated not being able to find the problem behind them.

I thought I was eating so "healthy" by constantly eating whole grains and whole wheat everythingggg. But in reality, I was over-doing it and I developed an intolerance to Gluten. I also developed more recent allergies of Almonds, some beans, green beans, and egg yolks. 

I was told I was just eating too much of these foods and

my body developed an intolerance to them.

So after figuring out this on-going stomach trouble, I got super creative in the kitchen!

I was driven to figure out

healthy alternatives to all 

of my favorite foods.

Which leads me to my decision to do fitness competitions:

Last year I decided to compete in my school's Body Building & Figure Competition. I've always been a competitive person - I've played soccer and I ran track (triple jump and hurdles) since 7th grade. I've also play numerous intramural sports here at school!

My friend from here did the show the year before and I was amazed at her results.
So I decided to train with her.
I started a year ago, in the fall - building muscle.
After months of training and "dieting",
I competed in our school's show in the Spring!

I got 2nd in my height class - it was such a great experience!
I ended up competing in 2 more shows after that last year.

This whole "dieting" concept sparked my interest into the different ways that I could do this the healthy way. I listened to so many people telling me to cut things out of my diet like carrots & blueberries...When in reality, I was just making myself more un-healthy and I wasn't listening to my body. So, I decided to listen to my body & give it the nutrients it needed.

This past Fall I competed
in Miss Bikini New York!

I ate CLEAN ;
veggies, protein, healthy fats, fruits, dairy, carbs
just broke it up into 6 small meals a day!

I didn't weight myself once; just used the mirror to
check on my progress.

I feel very strongly about "dieting" the healthy way (or as I like to call it, my LIFESTYLE). With eating 5-6 small meals a day and getting every component of a healthy diet in each meal.

There are some unhealthy ways to go about it,
but I really stay true to being healthy and I'm proud of myself for it!

I believe in a balanced life.

Clean Eating & Working hard in the Gym!

I try to make the most of it
with my amazing family & friends.

My Website is currently under-construction, so take a look for my recipes but keep an eye out for my UPDATES!! :]

 I can’t wait to get it where I want it to be!!

You can Follow me on Twitter @PowerCakes

Instagram: @Powercakes

Thanks so much Kasey! You have such an awesome story and you are such an inspiration! What a gorgeous girl!

How have your New Years workouts gone so far?? How are you going to keep with them??

Until the next step bloggers...


  1. Yay Kasey! Wow I had no idea how much you had accomplished in the fitness world, and through healthy dieting and working out too, no crazy stuff. Good for you!

  2. Thank you so much for letting me do a guest post!! :] I appreciate it!

  3. Kasey! Anytime girl! Loved sharing your inspiration story! I wanna have a body like yours someday! :)

    1. girl you are totally fine the way you are! just clean eating & working hard ;] you got it!