Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why Not Start Right Now??

Many people don't realize it, but we all have the power to accomplish
great things. I, myself, was not a believer of this fact. Life gets in
the way of actually living it sometimes. Many of us don't take a step
back, take a deep breath, and just be ourselves for a few seconds.
They sit back and let others take the glory and think to themselves,
"I could do that if I..." or "Next month I vow to..." My question to

What is stopping you from doing today what you want to do tomorrow?
Stress? Kids? School? Work? Throw it away. For one hour a day. Shut
the world out and spend time with the only person you can REALLY count
on; yourself. Meditate in the morning. Take a yoga class. Go for a
hike. Sit on your bed and punch a pillow. Get that much needed
massage. Have a good cry. Will it make you feel better about YOU?
Good... Let's move on...

I am a statistic. I am one of the 25% of women that will experience
domestic violence in their lifetime. I was one of the many that put
off today what I wanted to do tomorrow and that was to live. I never
found time for myself because my time was spent making sure somone
else was happy and satisfied. I was wrapped in hypothetical chains
that weighed me down and it really came down to just not caring about
me. I hit an all time low in my life until one day a light came on. If
I wanted to live, I had to save my own life first. So I did...

Now, I shut the world out when I need to. I throw it all away for an
hour a day...and I have lived to tell my story. Who will listen? The
real question is...who cares? I might tell my story to 1,000,000
people and 999,999 might not care to listen. But it only takes that
one to change the world...

I have been told that I can't. I have been told that I can. I have
been told that I am a dreamer. A free spirit. A lifer. I have been
called a motivator. An inspiration. Strong. Driven. A role model. My
message to them? You are too. You want to listen to my story,
therefore you are my motivator. You drive 3 kids to school each
morning, organize bake sales, clean 5 loads of laundry a day, pick up
crafts for Grandmom's Christmas present this year? You go to work a
9-5 job and try to go through life day to day while your husband/wife
is deployed overseas and you live for the one day a week when you can
see their face and hear their voice? You are a young girl with big
dreams of being President, or a little boy who is determined to cure
cancer? A headliner making front page news of every magazine or the
one who reads it in line at a grocery store paying for their month's
meals with food stamps? We are America's story. We are the
inspiration. We change the world for the better by living our lives.
Let's do it together. Let's encourage the world to LIVE healthy,
happy, and hopefully. WHY NOT START RIGHT NOW?

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  1. Love this post, Sarah. You are 100% right - START RIGHT NOW!! Wishing you a happy, healthy, wonderful 2012. <3