Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Then and Now!

Don't you hate it when your favorite food goes on a "blacklist" for weight loss or it gets bashed in the news for having a salmonella outbreak?? Well, low and behold, many of our favorite foods are making a comeback and are just waiting to be consumed!


Then: The yolks were considered to skyrocket your cholesterol.
Now: Although a single yolk contains nearly the recommended daily limit for cholesterol, it is the most nutrient-rich part of the egg! It is packed with zinc, iron, vitamins A and D, and choline (which help you ladies reduce your chances of breast cancer!) In addition, the yolk contains almost half of an egg's protein, which is why whites-only omelets are not quite as satisfying!
Bring it Back: Hard boiled eggs make great go-to snacks with staying power- and at only 70 calories, who can beat that?? Just be sure to be conscious of companions that cause that caloric intake to increase such as cheese, bacon, and butter.

Peanut Butter

Then: Some people saw this glory food as being high in fat and calories.
Now: Sure, PB contains 16g of fat per 2 Tbl serving, but it is the heart-healthy, monounsaturated kind. It helps appetite regulation without a question about it! A recent study found that people who remained on a diet that included this amazing staple for 18 months lost an average of 9 lbs!
Bring it Back: Don't go for the "reduced-fat" selections at your grocery store- they are often heavily sweetened to replace the lost flavor. Stick with the "au-natural" and watch the portion control. Have a hard time with portion control? Buy the individual packets (like Justin's) for 200 or fewer calories!

Red Meat

Then: This food has a bad rep for heart disease and wide waistlines.
Now: New research suggests that "sat fat" (saturated fat) within moderation, may not be as evil as we make it out to be. We all know it is full of protein but it can also help you gain metabolically active muscles, which burn more calories at rest than fat.
Bring it Back: The cut of beef is key. Extra lean choices, such as sirloin, filet, and eye of round roast have fewer than 5 grams of total fat and 2 grams of "sat fat" per 3oz. serving. Avoid anything labeled "prime" as these cuts tend to be fatty. Go for 3 or 4oz. portions and then grill, roast, or bake it!


Then: Bananas used to be carbs that were considered to pack on the pounds and be higher in calories than most fruits.
Now: These delicious treats contain a type of fiber known as resistant starch that your body cannot absorb so it fills you up temporarily without the risk of filling you out. Also, research has linked the resistant starch to an increase in post meal fat burning!
Bring it Back: Choose a greener banana; once it turns yellow, the starch inside has broken down and is no longer resistant to digestion. If you don't like firm bananas, toss it in a blender to make your favorite smoothie! Make sure to take a big whiff before sipping though; research shows that the smell helps reduce appetite!

Coconut Oil

Then: It is high in saturated fat, therefore it was banished by dieters!
Now: It is actually infested with medium-chain triglycerides, fats that can be metabolized faster than the long-chain ones found in others like sunflower oil. The body prefers to use them for energy so it rarely gets stored. Two tablespoons a day can fuel a reduction in abdominal obesity while helping to elevate HDL (good cholesterol)!
Bring it Back: Because it is calorie dense (about 120 calories per tablespoon) you still want to watch your intake. Swap other oils you may use daily- like corn or vegetable- for virgin or extra virgin coconut oil!

Bananas, eggs, and peanut butter are some of my favorite foods. I probably consume them almost every day. The great thing about it is, if you throw them all in a blender (smaller portions) you can have a protein-packed smoothie in the morning and you will be full until lunch and ready to work out those muscles!

So there you have it...our favorite foods are making their comeback into our kitchens and back into our hearts. I am excited to bring these staple items back into my diet and back into my daily living...on my own two feet...

Until the next step bloggers...

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  1. This is SO true. And all of those foods I love, especially coconut oil. We have a teaspoon before our morning workouts to rev up our metabolism and keep us satisfied through our workout.
    Great post!