Sunday, September 30, 2012

Look 10 Years Younger!

People have been recently telling me I look younger than my age (25) when I have been told for YEARS that I have looked and acted older than I am. Say whattt?? Totally new territory for me. So when doing some digging, I found out that there are some body tricks to help you stay lookin' young!


Hunching over is a sign of weak ab and neck muscles- and can add 8 years to your appearance. Standing tall has an instant de-age technique. The trick? Get up more! Walking engages those same muscles that need to be strengthened, improving your posture. Walk to another floor to use the restroom at work. Walk to work or the grocery store if you can. Take 5-10 minutes every other hour or so to get up and take a lap around whatever building you're in!


Too many crash diets can result in a more saggy midriff. It wears your skin's elasticity when you gain and lose weight repeatedly. Throw away those BS juice detox diets and simply log your meals and exercise in a journal to see where you need more improvement!


You must keep these babies strong! When you see flabby legs, it is a sign that you are losing muscle mass and wimpy muscles lower your endurance which in turn makes you weak and looking 20 years older! Add a couple 15-20 minute strength sessions a week to your normal workout and you'll be showing off those gorgeous stems for years to come!


Computer screens give off shortwave light which can cause dry eyes and blurry vision. Not to mention that when you squint to check your twitter or facebook feed, it can lead to premature crow's feet, making you look 10 years older. Yikes! The trick? Foods that are high or rich in lutein, like eggs. This power antioxidant helps your eyes process those shortwave lights better!


Check out your smile in a mirror lately? A grin with nothing but teeth could mean your gums are receding- aging your face and putting you at risk for periodontal disease. Womp womp. Root canals are something no one wants to go through. Brush gently and floss twice daily (pressing too hard can wear down gums!).


Your hands can appear 10 years older than they are if you are not applying sunscreen daily! Try using a moisturizer with sunscreen to help avoid sun spots and keep your skin glowing!

There you have it. No one wants to age early, right ladies? So now when people tell me I look younger, I take it as a compliment! Hopefully these tricks can help you looking younger and help boost your confidence to walk on your own two feet...

Until the next step bloggers...

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